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Dare to Dream

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Take a moment to dream and create your vision

Create Your Dream with a Vision Board

Before you start cutting and pasting on your vision board, identify and write down your goals, your dreams and wishes on a piece of paper".

What is a vision board?

A vision board is something you create to remind yourself of your own, personal goals. Whether you wish to get better grades in school, make new friends or land a job, your vision board represents a collection of your greatest dreams and desires. Once you’ve made your vision board, you’ll be able to look at it and use it as a reminder of the things you want to achieve most. You'll need:

  • a poster board, cork board or small canvas.

  • a stack of old magazines.

  • scissors.

  • markers or paint.

  • glue, tape, thumbtacks or pins.

  • a photo of yourself (optional)


Although Vision Boards are inspiring, they don't make our dreams come true. We must take action, and it starts at the beginning.

We must start by answering the following questions:

1) When you think about your life a year from now, what does it look like?

2) What parts of your life need the most attention so you can move forward in a positive direction?

3) What brings you joy?

4) What obstacles may keep you from following your dreams?

5) What goals do you want to set for yourself?

After this reflection, you will want to plan the next steps and answer these two questions:

1) What are the next steps to get you from where you are to where you want to be?

2) What pictures/words/symbols come to mind that inspires you toward the life you want for yourself?

Answering these questions will give you the freedom to move forward in an intentional way. After reflecting, get creative! Start getting hands-on and plan your vision board to inspire your journey.

After you create your Vision Board, start to plan the action steps:

1) How will you reach your goals?

2) What steps do you need to put into place to make your dreams happen?

Stun your friends and family with your vision board.

“Be ready to tell your story.”


Finally, don't forget to celebrate your progress. Celebrating is one way to motivate you to keep going. Celebrations can be big or small. Just make sure you give yourself the acknowledgment you need to continue moving forward.

Get Inspired

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