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5 Secrets to Finding Happiness

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Have you ever noticed that there are certain people who appear to be happy all the time? Stressful situations just bounce off them and they always seems to see the positive in negative situations. Do you want to learn how to be one of those people?

Define your Happiness


The Secrets of Happiness:

1) Desire

2) Limiting Beliefs

3) Identity/Ego

4) Time (Past/Future)

5) Patterns/Conditioning

6) Mood/Emotions

Buy yourself a journal and answers the questions below:

Desire: Reflect on what you believe will create more happiness in your life and WHY you believe it. Are your desires authentically yours or influenced by others (social media, reality shows, friends/family, society)? Don't give your power away, what do you have control over that you can change?

Limited Beliefs: What are some beliefs that were "passed down" by the attitudes and beliefs of others? These beliefs, conscious or unconscious can hold you back from achieving your fullest potential (money is the root of all evil- unconsciously create situations that limit our financial success out of fear of that evil).

Identity/Ego: What roles did you see growing up, and how do you mimic those same behaviors in your life now? What role(s) do you play and how do they serve you? Do you want to continue the(se) role(s) or change it? Reflect on who you are, do you feel that a problem or negative hereditary trait is a part of your identity? You have the power to rewrite your story and change the narrative in your favor.

Time (Past/Future): You have been given the opportunity to go on any vacation you want, where would you go? Would you choose base on people's opinion or what future memories you would want to have and the experience?

Patterns/Conditioning: Reflect on your life: what are some things that keep repeating themselves (patterns)? Why do they keep repeating and how can you change it? Do you want to change the patterns? How are they serving/not serving you? What are some of the "triggers" that create a negative emotional response in you (your words/phrases, body language, your relationship with food/people/environment and your actions)?

Mood/Emotion: One of the best ways to shift our emotions to JOY is to be in a place of GRATITUDE. Write a letter expressing gratitude to someone in your life (living) who you have unexpressed gratitude for. The best way to shift yourself to a positive emotional state, is to think of everything you APPRECIATE about life, your current situation, whatever it is that is currently triggering you to be in a positive state of mind. Write it down and refer on it when you start to having feelings other than joy and happiness.

Find Happiness by learning to let go of stress, peel of the layers of limitations and limiting beliefs. Rewrite your narrative, falling forward and don't allow your past to be present by not dealing with it.

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