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             YOUTH SUCCESS COACHING           

Prepare to train for Greatness 


What is Success Coaching? 

How we train you for greatness

  • Positive self-talk (release negative thought patterns) 

  • Motivation 

  • Competitive Drive

  • Athletic coaching 

  • Stress management 

  • Goal setting

  • Overcome challenges 

  • Mental skills training (process emotional hang-ups)

  • Time management 

  • Organizational skills 

  • Relationship + Conflict resolution 

  • Improve communication skills 

  • Character Development 

*You or your child is the ideal candidate for success coaching if any of the above challenges resonate with you.

Our impact

Who do we work with?

  • ​Professional athletes 

  • Young Adults (Ideal age group - 15 through 30)

  • Recent College graduates 

  • College students

  • High School students 


Youth Success Coaching provides a listening ear + guided exercises that will transform and help you in:


  • dealing with difficulties

  • resolving anger

  • transforming challenges into opportunities

  • character building

  • building confidence

  • deconstructing and transforming belief systems

  • establishing new positive thought patterns

  • uncovering your life purpose 

  • conflict resolution

  • school bullying

  • communicating with parents/teachers/adults

  • dealing with family dynamics

  • stepping away from peer pressure

  • transitioning to career/adulthood 

  • moving toward success


We listen to our clients and tailor your sessions to your needs.



Lori picture.png

Master Life Coach Lori Smith created Youth Success Coaching as a Licensed Social Worker (LSW) in primary and secondary education, community mental health, and child protective services. 


In the social work profession, her work was reactionary (after a crisis). Once an emergency occurred, her crisis and social-emotional skills training was then called upon for intervention.


She instead wanted to work with youth and young adults proactively, from a strength perspective, to decrease crises and increase positive life outcomes. 


Lori is an expert in listening to your story and identifying areas of transformation. She develops purposeful strategies to help you think differently; helping you get out of your own way and removing a limited mindset and ideologies.


Together you will uncover your gifts and unlock your potential. 


Lori is married to a football coach and a mom of two multi-sport scholar athletes. Using social-emotional techniques, she found herself, just as an athletic coach, teaches plays, to gain a competitive edge to win a game.  In this case, she teaches mental toughness techniques off-the-field to win in life and enhance personal development. 

Lori Smith, Master Coach

As an athlete in college, I've had much stress put on me and built up emotions that I have never talked about. Being a male, we are taught not to share our emotions and to be a man. Working with Mrs. Smith and talking to her about what I’ve been growing through helped me in a way I never knew. She definitely changed my mindset on how I attack certain aspects of life and helped me gain my confidence back. I don’t know if she has some type of powers, but I physically saw improvement at practice, and she helped me finish strong. I would highly recommend her and give it a try if you are on the fence about it.

Smitty J - student-athlete

Working with the Youth Success Coach I was able to overcome some personal issues I was having during college. Coach Smith was very straightforward about her role in this working relationship and helped me to realized my role in making my own decisions and sticking to them.

- Sydney J, college graduate

Mrs. Smith offers amazing youth success coaching. She is very personable and easy to talk to, she will definitely make you feel comfortable and welcomed. Mrs. Smith has made a tremendous impact on my mental and emotional health. 

- Gianna P, student


"Coach Lori, helped me conquer a mental blockage I experienced regarding not feeling "good enough" to major in a science field. Since working with Lori, I have now graduated with my science degree and am now in medical school pursuing being a doctor. I had a deep belief, as a football player that I wasn't smart enough or good enough. Lori helped me overcome that.

— Umi, client

To determine if Success Coaching is the right fit, call the office to schedule a free, virtual introductory session with me to gain more insight into the services that ar...
Introductory Session
1 hr
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